Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Ledbury

Have I ever mentioned how lucky I feel to have a really cool uncle living in London? Well if I haven't, lemme just say, I am so damn lucky! But I am getting ahead of myself.....

Yesterday I was brought out for a fancy lunch. No occasion in particular. Just because!

The food was utterly delicious! My stomach is still achingly full from all that good food. And I'm feeling so satisfied, still rubbing my belly today as we speak while the other hand is typing on the keyboard. This way of typing is very inefficient but, whatever.

Anyway, back to my uncle story. Since I got to London, my uncle has taken such good care of me and made my stay here so comfortable, he didn't leave any glimmer of hope for homesickness to seep into my life.

Instead, I get invitations by the Baroness to tour the House of Lords, lavish dinners at restaurants a normal student like me would never imagine of even being within the vicinity of, fabulous seats to watch the Royal Ballet and the list goes on.........

Yes, I had a really good year in London. And I feel really blessed to have an uncle like him. Truly. Honestly. From the bottom of my heart. 

A few days ago, he made this delicious home cooked curry for me. And even before that meal fully digested, he once again invited me for a beautiful lunch at The Ledbury. He asked me, are you interested to come....... 

Of course I am! 

Hang on & I'll walk you through the menu in a bit. 

Shortly after we got cosy in their rather comfy seats, we were served some amuse-bouche. They call it amuse-bouche, I just call it the starter before the starter. lol that's how simple minded people like me, function better.

They're meant to be single, bite-sized 'mouth amusers'. Well, they were really tiny.. and if you can't tell from the picture above, allow me to make some better comparisons.

After placing our orders, this magical lady then appeared out of nowhere with the most decadent bread tray. Ah, I love bread! You know how some kids get fat eating cake or chocolate or ice-cream, bread.... is my nemesis! I love all kinds of bread! I can literally finish a whole loaf of bread at one time if no one stops me :/

So, I hope you understand why in my eyes, this lady was just glowing and basically, floating in air with my bread tray!

After devouring my bread in a matter of seconds, we moved on to our starters. We started with craupadine beetroot baked in clay with smoked eel, Victoria plums and dried olives.

And poached new season's cepes with 2 year old Gruyere, dried black cabbage and truffle.

I don't know much about fancy mushrooms and cheeses but I know what I like & this was just superb. All the flavours together just worked perfectly!

As my main dish, I opted for a safe filet of dover with pumpkin, mandarin, crab and ginger.

It was delicious, but the main star had to be my uncle's choice of main dish.

It was jowl of pork with carrots, fresh walnuts and girolles(fancy mushrooms). It might not be much of a looker but oh boy... this has got to be the best tasting pork I've tasted in my life. Precisely kids, when your mum used to say that beauty is only skin deep..this was probably what she had in mind :p

The secret to making the meat so tender was supposedly that it was roasted for 8 hours at 85 degrees. 

The prized precious last mouthful. Just talking about the pork is making me so hungry. And I don't even really like pork to begin with. But that pork! It's not pork... It's in a different league of pork. I don't know. It was so tender. I'm confused. Sigh.... It was really delicious.

As desert, we both had whipped ewe's milk yoghurt with blackberry granita, meringues and beignets (pronounced ben-yeh). 

Isn't this just the prettiest looking dessert ever? It's so pretty, I didn't wanna mess the plate up. But sacrifices had to be made.... Lemme show you how to eat this.

Grab a beignet.

And mix everything together to make this awesome mush! Then, dip the beignet in all that goodness!

It was incredible.

The Ledbury is bustling with yummy mummies and celebrity types, everyone's well-dressed and thoroughly wholesome looking. The one thing we all have in common? A love of great food!

I highly recommend The Ledbury, the food was just fantastic. It has 2 Michelin stars and is widely regarded as the best restaurant in London. 

Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my cool uncle Yean. I shared a lovely afternoon with him and David and I left feeling like a very lucky lady.

The Ledbury is situated in dreamy Notting Hill. Check them out here or call +44 (0)20 7792 9090 to book & knock a loved one's sock off!